Month: August 2003

Dream Reentry Technique

This is mostly here for but I wanted to post it here so I can refer back to it if needed. This is from Robert Moss’s Conscious Dreaming, page 71-73. Exercise: Location, Location, Location!


Last night was such a blast. I had gotten an Instant Message from Cory, who used to be one of my primary two-steppin’ partners, and he’s moved back to town. He told me he was going to be out last night, and wanted to go dancing. Link to my other journal…

Dream: Security Codes at the New Development

Dream 20030821, 7:00 AM: I’m walking with Chris through an area of brand-new housing under construction. The houses are colossally huge, but they’re built up against one another, almost like row houses. They’re to a very large scale, though – the stories are very tall, and the doors and windows are huge. Walking along, we [Continue]