0 thoughts on “Name tag bag!

  1. I thought so! I would definitely make another one… probably spend a little more time considering how I want to put it all together, but I like the overall design!

  2. Maybe even swap the beautiful red material behind the passport to front and the black in back. However, knowing your creativity, there are many ideas for this, and my two cents needs to just applaud. 🙂

  3. I wanted the black so that it wouldn’t “eat” the name tag – I think you’re right, though, the lettering is stark enough to stand up to it.

    It feels like the gold brocade (the gold and red are from different parts of the same fabulous length of silk) does kind of eat the birds – they look OK blended in a little, though.

  4. Isn’t it great!
    I like both the overall design, with all these pockets, and of course the TW 🙂 How many tablets did you use?
    *dreams* Sometime I will venture to make myself something similar…

  5. That’s 75 tablets, with the big sections having 2 strips sewn together. It’s a lot of work keeping the tablets in line at that width, but I love the effect.

  6. Oh, I am terribly involved in an active case of “covet” now! That is very sharp looking….what an excellent excuse for GETTING a passport.

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