ADULT CONTENT – or why I'm setting my journal default back to "innocent"

I’m really frustrated with LiveJournal’s Adult Content settings. I had set my journal default to “Adult Concepts” because some of my dreamwork stuff is racy, and even in ordinary entries I occasionally use some blue language.

HOWEVER, it’s been causing the entries to be collapsed on outside news readers, and is in general a Pain In My Arse. The only thing that shows on my Ravelry Page, for instance, is the content warning… instead of a picture of a half-embroidered peony.

SO – I’m setting this journal default
back to “No Adult Concepts,”
If you’re on my Friends List
and you don’t want to be faced
with the potential of reading this
kind of material, please unfriend me.

The dream material is *always* behind a cut with an explanation, and I’ll tag those entries going forward with the one-entry Adult Content flag… but I hate having people clicking through to see my silk or a picture of a kitten, thinking it’s going to be something naughty. Or, NOT clicking through, because they think it’s something they won’t want to see.

I think this system is dysfunctional, and I hope that LJ will fix it… but that’s where I’m at for now. Please COMMENT if you un-friend me, so I’ll know.

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I thought about going through and re-classing it entry-by-entry… and I realized that the last five pages, LITERALLY, were flowers and kittens. It just doesn’t make sense to classify the whole journal as ADULT, because I occasionally talk about buttsecks or call somebody a cocksucker.

  2. dark_phoenix54
    dark_phoenix54 says:

    I hate their new system. I’ve been wondering about my LJ because of the language I use at times, and decided to just ignore the whole thing. So far, no one has flagged me for being a bad girl.

  3. admin
    admin says:

    It makes me wonder (not for the first time) whether I ought to have a separate journal, not related to LJ. I really want to have a projects-only blog that shows up on – and tried setting it up, but my hosting company didn’t support some module or other. I’ve got a Blogger account, but have just always used LJ.

  4. admin
    admin says:

    If you’re not logged in to Live Journal, and you click on somebody’s blog who has selected “Contains Adult Concepts” in the “viewing options” – you just get this little notice bar, telling you that you may be about to view material inappropriate for minors.

    They didn’t really publicize the viewing options thing. I found out about it through a friends list person who was debating its merits… I think the way it’s administered pretty much sucks. If parents want kids to have Live Journals and not see anything that might offend them, they ought to have a *reverse* setting, where you have to mark entries as SAFE for them to see.

  5. admin
    admin says:

    Oh – and people who are not logged in (like, somebody reading about it from another site, or somebody I’ve sent a link to) gets the warning bar for EVERY ENTRY. So they don’t know whether they’ll be clicking through to flowers and butterflies, or bad language and buttsex.

  6. admin
    admin says:
    that’s me! Notice that the “website” showing my Live Journal just (at least for now) has the warning bar… it takes a while to update.

    I haven’t been knitting a lot lately, and there’s no slots for weaving or embroidery, so a lot of recent projects aren’t there… but I do make contributions to the conversations when appropriate, talk about silk and yarn and such.

  7. admin
    admin says:

    Hee. Likewise. We still need to meet up in meatspace one of these days.

    When I first saw the “Adult Concepts” option, I was thinking… “What, like talk about mortgage payments and dealing with the IRS?”

  8. aellia
    aellia says:

    I only have one thing there!
    I keep forgetting to take photos and then give things to people!
    The site is a little slow at the moment,but I added you,if that’s ok.

  9. byrne
    byrne says:

    I just today started a blogger blog for showing up on Ravelry. Mind you, I’ve been disgusted enough with LJ that after almost 6 years I’ve almost stopped posting entirely.

  10. judithsewstoo
    judithsewstoo says:

    Let’s see… useful information, gorgeous work (all of it), great inspiration and I suffer from silk envy. *wink*

    I’m not giving you up. LOL

    Added you to my friends list on Ravelry, too… I’m SpinningCrochet, although I really haven’t developed it much. One journal is sometimes hard enough for me to keep up with, ya know?


  11. dendren
    dendren says:

    more adult content please… errrr… I mean, yeah, the new settings and such are pretty messed up I think. Hope they can find a bitter way of doing this.

  12. admin
    admin says:

    LOL. I had some fabulous dreams last night – haven’t had time to fully record them, but I want to get more into that. Maybe there’ll be some adult content coming up one of these days…

  13. walterwz
    walterwz says:

    I Will Not Unfriend You For the Lack of Adult Content

    Lots of not logic there. This thing with the naked silkworm pictures has got to stop.

  14. admin
    admin says:

    LOL. It used to be a lot more racy, back when this was 100% dream journal… I was working a lot with influencing my dream life, lucid dreaming (which always seems to go sexual, with me) and living out my bizarre fantasy life – but nowadays, it’s about 90% textiles, 8 percent random other stuff, and only about 2% dreamwork. I want to get back into it – I do find that having a vivid and active dream life informs and enriches my creative work. I haven’t yet gotten to the point that some dreaming artists have, though, where I can dream of designs… so far, mine has always been more of an inspired-by type thing.

  15. jenna_thorn
    jenna_thorn says:

    mortgage and the IRS

    Or the PTA? Because really, my fictional sex is juvenile, and the only adult stuff in my journal is angsting about parental duties and my day job.

  16. quietdanmn
    quietdanmn says:

    I had the same issue with that warning appearing on Ravelry, and went back to LJ to change it to No Adult Concepts also.

    Your entries (life, dreams and crafting) are far to interesting to not read them. Besides, the silk work you do is too gorgeous not to look at!

    Since my entries/life/dreams/crafts, aren’t really as interesting/beautiful, I’ll keep reading as it gives me something to aspire to!

    Hope 2008 is fantastic for you and everyone special in your life!

  17. unluckymonkey
    unluckymonkey says:

    Yeah I totally agree. It’s a screwed system that’s on or off really. Lame. I dig all sorts of your entries so no biggie for me but I DID hate clicking past before I had my settings fixed. I think you’ve made the wise choice.

  18. admin
    admin says:

    Re: mortgage and the IRS

    Yup. When I think about an “adult conversation,” unfortunately it usually tends to be something that my doctor would start out with “Now that your body is reaching a certain age…”

  19. admin
    admin says:

    I mostly wish they had worded it differently – it’s really the “default” level, just like having your posts default to Public or Friends-locked. I can still lock it one post at a time. MOST of my journal is pretty banal, and suitable for kindergarten classes. Heck, my website is on curriculum lists at a bunch of different schools. It’s not my journal – but much of the content is identical.

    The problem I have with their wording, is that “contains adult concepts” and “contains no adult content” makes it sound like it’s all-or-nothing.

  20. admin
    admin says:

    Back when I was, oh, a decade younger, and about thirty or so pounds less fat…

    Amusingly, the black-and-white-on-red drawing of the “leather bracelet” (cock ring) was a preparatory study for a figure drawing I did of a leatherman in his chaps, sprawled out on my bed… he used it for part of his “Goodie Basket” when he competed in Mister Drummer USA. The queen at Michaels who framed it for us in a hurry, was totally smitten – I’m not quite sure who with.

  21. jenna_thorn
    jenna_thorn says:

    growing up

    Hee, once upon a time, an adult New Year’s Eve was one with alcohol and no curfew, now it means falling asleep on the couch at 11:30.

    (If you were curious, I’m not dismayed by adult content or a lack therof. I love the embroidery, although I wandered over here originally because of the weaving, and am not all all alarmed to learn that you are, in fact, a sexual being. All evidence to the contrary, so am I. On good days. I think the adult content tags are silly, quite honestly, and haven’t shifted my own journal, despite the fact that I do, on occasion, post overtly sensual or sexual material. If someone wants to wade through months of domestic nattering to be scandalized by two fictional characters getting squelchy, that someone really needs to take up a hobby. I suggest knitting.)

  22. ngakmafaery
    ngakmafaery says:

    …I made the same series of actions that I think you did, first declaring ‘what the heck, it might get adult in here, so I’ll click on the naughty setting preemptively’, and then everybody told me it was flagged as a pit of nasty vice, so I switched back to lalalalala innocent lalalala…

  23. admin
    admin says:

    Exactly! Adult concepts, means having to figure out whether you can afford heat this month, and learning to work around your arthritis.

    It’s just almost time for me to start thinking of colonoscopies. FUN.

  24. krisw
    krisw says:

    …because we were all so offended by seeing your journal’s content before the “adult only” thing happened, right?

    I’m not goin’ anywhere =)

  25. monkeyspinner
    monkeyspinner says:

    well I usually keep it fiber related but I’m a nude art model, and sometimes they are damn good. I guess no one checks up on content, I would like to use blogger but well, then you would have to redirect. I keep myspace for things that are not for well fiber friends to know. It is silly. Press on. Tell me how to dream, I have had nightmares almost every night of my adult life. I stopped writting them down. You work with them that it Impressive.

  26. julilla1
    julilla1 says:

    I remember that you used to flag your dream stuff anyway, but yes, the LJ adult content tag is just friggin’ annoying! You could perhaps make another LJ just for the dream content stuff? I won’t unfriend you though, because a) I like naughty things, and b) I loved reading about your dreams and c) I like reading about your cool hardcore worms and spinning and fabulous creations.

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