For any of my DFW friends who go to State Fair

If you get out to the State Fair, and want to check out my cool premium-winning entries in Creative Arts – the skeins are in Case #40, and the ribbon is in Case #28. They’re both on the back wall – #40 is just to the right of the butter sculpture, #28 is about halfway down that same wall.

The only thing I wish they hadn’t done in displaying them, is they folded the ribbon with a big pleat in the center – obscuring most of the brocade of the silkmoth (and worm, and cocoon) that makes the ribbon make sense.

But hey – the important part is easily visible – the big blue ribbon with the rosette on top!

FINALLY some dream content! Dreams 20040924: Giant Caterpillars, Shopping for Chocolate Chips

For those of you who may not know this, because lately it’s been all about the yarn and the silkmoths – this journal started out being primarily about my night-time dreams, and the work and study I do with them. I’ve been ignoring my dream life lately, with the result that my dreams have become distant, fleeting, and vague – I’m trying to reconnect to that current, and start recording my dreams again.

Dream 20040924: Giant Caterpillars, Shopping for Chocolate Chips


I put two pieces in the State Fair of Texas – a set of reeled silk skeins, and a tablet-woven silk ribbon.

Each of them took a blue ribbon in its category.

This is the first time I’ve entered a State Fair; I’m very pleased and excited!

Anyone willing to do my partner Chris a favor…

Chris enters sweepstakes. A lot of them involve various games, contests, etc. I’ve learned that sweepstakes can be very lucrative and fun – we got to go to LA last year, and also Vegas, on trips that he’d won.

For the one that he’s in right now, he needs people to be “destinations” for this game. If you’ve got some spare time, and want to help Chris out, click here:
and sign up to be one of his destinations. Thanks!

Spider surprise!

I went out the back door to shake a towel that I’d gotten some debris on… and saw this amazing beautiful argiope spider. She just showed up here… how, I have no idea – she must have just hiked it in.

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