Dream: Boarders at the Kingwood House

Dream 20040930, 7:00 AM:
Chris and I are living at the Kingwood house, although it’s our house in the dream. There are a bunch of people here who seem to be boarding with us, or at least staying with us – it seems like I have to orchestrate far too many people at once, and it’s more than a little crazy. I remember several little snippets:

I walked into the living room, and there are a bunch of people sitting around in the way, and piles of stuff in my path. I explain to everyone that the path needs to stay clear; although I certainly am not one to talk about people’s piles of stuff, they need to stay out of the traffic pattern.

Rudy P. shows me where the dog (who is my brother’s childhood dog, Speck, not the current dog) has sprayed stuff all over the fence at the back of the yard; she was also digging to get under the fence, and he has laid a section of wet concrete, like the shape of a street curb, against the base of the fence to stop her getting out.

Someone else tells me about a mouse, which is on the bedspread in the master bedroom; it seems like a pet that’s gotten loose, not like a house mouse.

I point out to someone that the tomato vine is full of tomatoes, if someone has the time to pick them; I feel hectic and hurried, like I’m in charge of making sure things get done, but I don’t have the time to attend to them.

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