Dream 20040927, 8:30 AM: Train Voyage with the Chinese Master

Dream 20040927, 8:30 AM:

I’m walking along a riverbank. There’s a companion with me, but I don’t remember who – it’s one of those non-specific things where I know I’m talking to someone who’s responding, but the person doesn’t seem significant. I see a patch of grass ahead of us that sinks into the ground a couple of inches, forming a pattern that looks like a handprint. I mention that the next pattern will be a circle, in the area of the palm of the hand; this occurs, and then I predict another design, something like a diagonal design on the palm, and that happens too. I wonder if my dream was trying to make me realize that I was dreaming; sometimes this kind of stuff is what clues me in.

We walk onward. Now, we’re walking down a moderately busy city street; the sidewalk has lots of small shops and cafes. A matronly woman comes up to me, dragging a young boy in her wake; she looks Oriental, as if she’s lived in America for much of her life, but is still a foreigner. The boy seems to be her nephew, or possibly her grandson; he seems too much younger to be her child. He has a sort of hen-pecked-yet-spoiled look, like he is pushed around and coddled by the woman. She starts talking to me about an excursion I’m involved with; she says, “This trip will have many educational opportunities, right?” and I reply, “It is primarily a series of business errands.” It seems like I have to take the kid with me whether I want to or not, and I’m not very excited about it.

I get to the train station from which we’ll be departing. The man leading the expedition is a stereotypical Ancient Chinese Master type – long scraggly beard, wispy mustache, long salt-and-pepper hair. We board a train, which seems to be traveling over rails that are half-buried in fine white sand. I don’t remember much about the trip itself, except for the fact that the train was like one we rode in Peru, and there are a couple of young people traveling together.

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