Dream: Cheat One Time in Church LUCID *sexual*

Note: This dream contains some explicit descriptions of gay sex. If that would bother or disturb you, or if it’s not legal for you to read that in your community, don’t click through.
Dream 20040714, 5:30 AM:
This begins as a WILD. I’ve been working more and more on recognizing the beginning of the dream process; this time, after shifting position several times, I finally become comfortable and feel my body start to fade. I practice several visualizations, trying to get the hallucinatory imagery to kick in, but it just wasn’t wanting to start. Finally, I see something, like a single brilliant green leaf, directly in front of me. I concentrate on it, and feel my whole body resonating, as if I’m being vibrated by a very large sound. It’s almost uncomfortable, and I back off for a second, losing my focus on the leaf, and it stops. I focus again, and the buzz comes again, and then I’m in the dream.

I’m at the Kingwood house. I’m working on lucid dream tasks this time – trying to bring through my dream money, and also passing through objects. I find myself in the Kingwood house, and I open the endtable drawer, and this time among the regular stuff that usually lives in there, is a bright red velvet pouch. I pull it out, and Mom explains that I’ve got the wrong one. It doesn’t feel like it’s full of coins, but more like it’s got pieces of wood or plastic in it, lumpy stuff. I put it back, and see another one, which I pull out. This one has the coins in it that I was looking for, and I’m very pleased. I tip one out into my hand, and it’s a silver coin the size of a dime. I look at it closely, and it has lettering around it – [note; I’ve been photographing dimes in a lot of pictures for scale, and noting the size of things compared to the lettering around the dime.] I look closely, and it doesn’t seem to squirm as much as dream lettering often will; it says “CHEAT ONE TIME IN CHURCH” At first I thought it said “DIME,” but then it was “TIME.” I laugh, for some reason it seems funny. It reminds me of a “Get Out of Jail Free” card. I carry the dime around on my palm, trying to find Mom or Richard to show it to someone.

I decide that I want to climb upward through the ceiling and then the roof. I climb upward as if on a ladder, although I don’t remember a ladder being there. As I go upward through the ceiling, it’s suddenly dark, and I can’t see. Then, I emerge on the roof, and decide that I need to repeat the action, because I ought to be able to see inside the attic. I go back down, and climb back up more slowly this time; I see the attic, but it’s much lower-pitch, and cleaner than the real attic (that is, not full of boxes). There are luna moths hanging from the rafters, and it’s relatively well-lit, although without any visible light source. I look at the moths, wondering if they’ve all flown up here from downstairs where I was keeping them. I examine a couple of them, and then move back down into the living room. I’m standing on a chair, but it’s the sling-bottom chair from the Avenel house bedroom, and I watch with amusement as my foot sinks a little below the level of its surface, and goes grainy. I reach down and feel the surface of my foot where it’s submerged through the chair, and it feels slightly gritty, like sand or small pebbles. It looks like how water does on a speaker that is vibrating. It amuses me, and I laugh.

Then, the dream seems to fade. I can distinctly hear my [real, sleeping] self breathe. I decide that I’m not yet to awake to continue dreaming, so I allow myself to float back into dreamland. I’m walking with someone down a series of very tall stone hallways, although they may be alleys; it’s hard to tell if we’re inside or outside. I pick up a large blue glass bead, like one of the hand-lampworked beads, and it meows and yowls like a cat. I hold it in my palm, cupping my hand over it to change the sound, laughing at its strangeness. We pass an entrance door, and see a carved mermaid, like a figurehead, lying on the floor with a woman working on it; apparently, its carving or finishing is being refreshed. The woman says that now she’s ready to be re-perfumed, and I am imagining what it must smell like, with rare oils and gums. Then, we go into another doorway, and there is a different mermaid sculpture; a man says something about how her ketchup makes everybody come back. We keep walking, and now we’re in a great hall that’s under construction; there are ladders, scaffolds, and drop cloths, and several men working. I see one that catches my eye, and decide I want to suck his cock. [note: different from my usual lucid dream sexual tendency, which is to stick my dick into people, one end or the other] I catch his eye, and raise an eyebrow; he makes a face and starts climbing up a ladder. It doesn’t seem like he’s afraid or angry, but like we’re playing a chase game. I pursue him up the ladder, not using my feet at all, but effortlessly pulling up rung over rung with my hands. He reaches a spot where he has to stop, and I grab his tool belt, and mimic the same hand-over-hand action, as if climbing on him. I pull his tool belt and his knit shorts down, exposing his half-hard cock. It reminds me of Chris, and I take it all in my mouth in one motion, sucking it hard and working it fast. With a groan, he comes in my mouth, and I smile. I start to fade toward real wakefulness, and eventually wake up.

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  1. unluckymonkey
    unluckymonkey says:

    HAHAHA I’m laughing because my reaction is WOW that’s AMAZING! But not for the “right” reasons. I envy your lucid dreaming skills. I’ve never had a lucid dream completely. I know I’m in a dream quite a bit but it doesn’t allow me to take any sort of control. VERY frustrating. Do you still feel just as rested in the morning? I ask because it sounds like a lot of work and concentration to lucid dream. I’ve read bits and pieces about your lucid dreaming but I haven’t ever noticed where you learned how. Did you read a book or check out a website? DO SHARE! How interesting.

  2. admin
    admin says:

    I started being fascinated with Lucid Dreaming way back in high school. I read Stephen LaBerge’s “Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming”, and tried doing some of the exercises for a while, and then kind of put it aside. I did manage to keep a journal for several years of my dreams, but I only got nearly-there with the lucidity.

    A couple of years ago, I became re-fascinated with it, and more serious about the study and practice part. Reality checks, dream journal, and the like. I started Getting There. It was one of those, OMG, Wow, Amazing experiences. It’s still quite a rush. Check out

    I do find that I sometimes miss some middle-of-the-night sleep when I’m really serious about my dream tracking; I often get up at three or three-thirty and switch beds so that Chris doesn’t wake me up when he gets up; if I remember a dream at that point, I sit and type it up, or at least some brief notes, so that I can recall it later. I think that the astoundingly-jazzed factor makes up for the disturbances in my sleep, though, because I don’t usually feel groggy when I’ve had a lucid dream. It’s very meditative, and although it’s different from regular sleep, your body’s still paralyzed and you’re still really asleep. The times when I’ve had middle-of-the-night lucid dreams, the kind that just happen in the course of a regular dream (what they call DILD, or Dream Initiated Lucid Dreams – although they really should have found something like Occurrence, to make the acronym sing…), with those, I can actually go back into regular dreaming without a noticeable seam. With the WILD (Wake Initiated Lucid Dreams) I often am so near to the surface of sleep, that I wake up and can’t go back to sleep after.

    If you’re often conscious that you’re dreaming, you’ve got more than half the battle won. At that point, you just have to start realizing, “I’m dreaming, WHICH MEANS, I can do WHATEVER I WANT!” and then use it to focus on whatever you want to do. I’ve been working to develop a set of Dream Tools – things like magical coins, the Go Card, the Red Clue… tools that I can use in my dreams to navigate and explore my subconscious.

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