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I’m sorry the pix aren’t great – but it’s SO much easier to do this by the web-cam, than try to hold the camera at arms-length…
This is one whole skein.
I can keep on making it longer, but I don’t want to add a lot of length that I’ll later have to rip out. This yarn isn’t very forgiving about being ripped out.

This is the length it’s at currently. It’s not seamed off, just pinned in the back with knitting needles. This is wrapped single, like a scarf.

This is wrapped double. It’s a little snug on my neck, but I wouldn’t want it too much looser. This feels like a tall turtleneck. You’ll need to try it on to see how snug you like it, and remember that knitted things tend to stretch.

This is wrapped once around the neck, once around the head, like a close hood. This would be very warm, and keep your ears warm and your hair covered.

This is just draped once over the head. From front and 3/4 side, it looks like a cool hood – but from the back, you see the back of my head. Wouldn’t be as much of an issue with longer hair, of course.

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  1. moon8sky
    moon8sky says:

    oh its looking so good, I can’t wait for it to get cold again. Maybe just a tad bit longer so I can wrap it around a couple of times and not be so tight 🙂 I have alot of hair as well that I wear back or up too

  2. admin
    admin says:

    It’s Lion Brand Homespun (which is what she wanted) – it feels really nice, but it’s hammered dog-snot to knit with. The thread splits really easily, and I have to watch it closely instead of being able to watch TV or read while I work.

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