Dream: Mom's Not Writing Tickets

Dream 20040614, 6:00 AM:
There was a part of this early on, about being at a place that is like a summer school. I am teaching something, although I don’t remember what. On a break, I wander the halls, looking in at the various classrooms, and I remark to someone else that it’s nice because everyone wants to be here.

Then, I’m with Mom and Dad, on a vacation. We are in a foreign country, I think it’s Brazil. We are talking about luggage getting lost or stolen, and Mom says that she has her age written on her suitcases, which seems to deter people because they don’t want to steal old-lady clothes. Then, we are sitting outside of a parking lot, on a bench like a bus stop. Mom has her checkbook out, and is writing checks for her bills. A policeman or guard in a blue uniform comes up, and tells me that this other guard may try to write Mom a ticket, and to watch out for him. As soon as the first guard disappears, another one pops up and starts shouting at Mom, telling her (in Spanish?) that she can’t write tickets, and he will have to fine her. I explain to him (and it seems to take several times, because of language difficulties) that she’s not writing anyone tickets, she’s writing checks to pay her bills. He finally gets it, and apologizes for bothering her. We shake hands, but he starts out by grabbing my whole hand with the thumb, which feels weird, and I sort of wrangle it around to a more normal handshake. He looks at me and smiles, and says, “Ah, French!” as if this style of handshake is dashing or racy.

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