Dream 20040413, 3:30 AM: The Underwater Robbery

Dream 20040413, 3:30 AM:
I am in a store, I think – it seems like a convenience store, but there are several people (myself included) sitting in seats like bleachers at one end. The entire store is suddenly submerged in water, but without any sense of the water rushing in; it just appears. There is a robbery taking place, and we watch, concerned, as the robbers hold up the store clerk. One of them recognizes me, and swims over to where we are sitting; it’s Amos, and he looks me in the face and pantomimes that I should keep quiet about this. He swims away, and they leave. I hear someone explaining that the robbers knew that they had a certain number of minutes to get in and get everything before the police would arrive. People ask me about why the man came up to me, and I tell them that he must have thought I was someone he knew; I don’t tell them it was Amos, or that I knew him.

Then, I’m with some company, or it may be a school, and on my off-time I go out flying. I am dating some neat new guy, and I take him flying with me. We get to where the wires are (these often appear in my flying dreams, and are typically an obstacle to particularly high flights) and we go up over them. I notice that the wires are perfectly taut, unlike how real power lines are – these are tight as a cheese slicer. One of them brushes against me, and it burns as I slide past it, but I don’t feel any pain after I stop touching it, and don’t seem to be damaged. There is more, I think related to the work I’m doing for my company, but I don’t remember what.

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