Dream: The Blue Go Card

A little background, first:

In October of 2002, I had a very moving lucid dream, during part of which I was looking for something called “Go Cards.” The vision of them in my mind was very clear; they were like the Trumps of Amber in Zelazny’s books, pasteboard cards with a picture of a location, which could magically transport me to that place by gazing at them with the right intent.

One of the neat folks that I have run across in the course of my Internet journeys is Simon of http://www.ladytrap.org – and as we talked more and more about dreams and lucidity, I mentioned the Go Cards; he replied that he works with a company that actually produces Go Cards, which are a transportation “debit card” used in various cities for bus and toll systems. I was very intrigued, and asked him to send me a Go Card, charged with enough credit to theoretically get me somewhere. He did indeed send it, in an eventual, round-about way so that it appeared at my office as a delightful surprise. It is the size of an ATM or credit card, blue with the name “GO CARD” across the top of the front, and beneath that, a thumbprint image.

This doesn’t look quite like mine, but you get the general idea.

It sat in my work bag for about a month with my bills and such, as I kept forgetting to take it out at the house. I finally did, and put it beside the bed in the spare room/office that I use for my dream work. I had time finally last night to do some thinking about it, and how it might work; I decided that I would visualize taking the card in my hand, concentrating on its blue surface until an image appeared, and then putting it up to my face until it looms large enough in my field of vision for me to step into it. I went through this a few times before returning to bed for Magic Naptime. I held the card, wrapped in knitted silk, in my hand as I went to sleep. The card appeared amazingly clearly in my dream (often things get morphed as they enter dreamland) but I couldn’t quite make it function as imagined.

Dream 20040306, 7:00 AM: The Blue GO Card – LUCID