Silk Season ribbon

This is one of two projects that I’m entering into our local Handweavers and Handspinners Guild. It’s called Silk Season. 100% silk, with all colors but red and black being my hand-reeled silk. I apologize for the weirdly blurry pictures; the red was driving the camera crazy.

10 thoughts on “Silk Season ribbon

  1. Hmm… well, depends on whether you count the reeling of the reeled thread. If not, then about 10 hours or so of warping and weaving. If so, then 15 – 20 hours all together. If I count the design time, then another dozen or so hours.

  2. Actually, it comes with a gift certificate (haven’t found out how much yet) to their shop – which is full of weaving, spinning, and other textile books! Yaay!

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