Dream: Tamson House Blue Kitchen – LUCID card

This is one of those “lucidity sampler” type sequences, where it’s more a set of small lucid bits, than a long dreaming sequence. I woke up twice, but returned immediately to a lucid dreaming state. My intention during this dream sequence was to try once again to get somewhere with the Go Card – it was more nearly successful than last time, but still not completely so.

Dream 20040313, 6:30 AM:
I become aware that I was dreaming – I think that it shifts straight in from waking, because I recall running my hand along the slightly bumpy texture of a painted (dream) wall, and being delighted as the senation of it kicked in and I start to feel my dream body firmly. There’s a brief scene that I can’t recall much of, involving sketchy quick sex with a dark-haired man of medium build; he looks Greek or Mediterranean, with black curly hair and olive skin. I remember trying to focus on the scent of his body, which was eluding me. The entire quality of this part of the dream is very flickery, like a video where only every third or fourth frame is shown.

I woke up. I then drifted back into dreaming, and found myself in my boss J.’s office. She is behind her desk, and the lights are dimmed or off. I notice that the counters and her desk are all unusually high – like the height of bank teller counters, the kind where you can rest your elbows on them but you’d need a very tall chair to sit at one to write. I catch on immediately that the counters are strange because it’s a dream. I tell J. this, and then turn around and walk out of the office, and into the parking lot. There are several people standing around outside the front door. I walk past them, and around toward the side of the parking lot. I have on a long, drapey cloak, and I know that if I flap it like wings, I should be able to fly. I’m lucid, but it’s kind of low-level; there seem to be a lot of rules and restrictions that I’m not able to get around. I try to fly up into the air, without any specific goal or destination, and the wind keeps buffeting me and pushing me back down to the ground. I wake up.

Then, I’m in a small covered outdoor space, like a cross between a roadside sales kiosk and a bus bench. There is a small awning above me, made of fabric. There’s a strong sense of spring in the air – budding green leaves on the trees, etc. I have my Go Card in my hand, and I become aware that I’m dreaming. I tip it back and forth a couple of times, and the images at the top of it appear and disappear. It seems like it’s “trying on” several different Credit Card names and logos. I had visualized before going to sleep how it would work, and so I tried that method – staring into the card until the scene was clear, then gazing into that space and materializing it. I try this a couple of times; random room scenes appear in the card. As I look at it, the perspective is gently panning from side to side; I know that this is good, as it makes the dream scene more viable from being visually active.

I try a couple of the shifts. They seem to begin to work, but the dream scene doesn’t fully materialize, and it kicks me back to my starting point. I realize that I don’t have a firm idea of where I want to go, and that would be helpful. I want to use a fictional location. I decide that I want to go to Charles DeLint’s Tamson House, to the Blue Kitchen [later, I remembered that I had mixed this up – Blue is a character, although he does cook a lot in the books]. I try it again, and again the room sort of half-builds around me, but it dissolves and then disappears, and I wake up. *end*

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