Dream: Wrong Turn at the Nunnery

[note: my dream incubation for this morning, was to try to go to the Property in the woods. I kinda got there… at least, the incubation definitely influenced the dream.]

Dream 20040309, 6:00 AM:

I’m with Chris, and we’re driving along a country road. We’re supposed to be doing some kind of artwork job at the house of some reclusive rock star or movie star millionaire; the name is something like Nick Griffith, but that doesn’t seem quite right. We don’t have the right directions, or our directions don’t quite match the road options we’re looking at, and we get lost. The roads are very twisty and wooded, like the ones going to the Property down by Centerville. I think some of them are gravel.

We get to a road that seems likely; it goes around a curve, and looks like a long driveway. We go down it, and stone walls rise on either side. The walls are partially under construction, with bits of wood framing holding up partial arches and such, and some parts with different colors of stone. I tell Chris that this looks like it could be the right place. We get to a door in the wall, and there is an intercom; we call on the intercom, and explain to a voice from the other end who we are, and the door opens.

Once we’re through the wall, we’re in a huge grassy space with many large buildings. I turn to Chris, and tell him this is the kind of thing we’re looking for; a big complex of buildings. One of them is quite clearly a church, and there are a bunch that are similar, like matching houses or dormitories. A woman walks up to me, her name is Lael – she reminds me a lot of Lael from Lubbock, but also of someone else I can’t recall. She shows us some red paper copied sheets, which contain various questions and challenges on Biblical information, and explains that the women are studying these verses. She points to another woman, who reminds me of Katherine who dated Dell, and says that she is doing even more complicated work, because she is dealing with contradiction verses. I look at the other woman’s book – she has a bound journal which she is writing in; it’s upside down, and she is working with a bunch of large numerals in red ink, trying to reconcile something.

I explain where we were trying to go, and she doesn’t know how to get there. I explain that if we had access to a computer, we could look it up. She takes us inside, and leaves us in what looks like a very sparsely furnished dorm room with four or five computer desks. The computers are only monitors; there don’t appear to be keyboards or CPU’s. She hands me a circuit board, just the green plastic part with the circuitry on it, and I have to enter information into it by touching different parts. I think I use a little metal stylus. It reads out information by flashing tiny lights; it is possible, but very difficult, to read it. The lights form letters, like an old-style calculator readout, but they fly by very fast. Finally, I realize that there is a way to hook this circuit board into one of the monitors. I pick up a cable from beneath the monitor, labeled 47, and hook it into the computer. Now, I can see the information on the screen, and the searching goes much faster. I look over, and Chris has managed to wiggle a chip out of one of the circuit boards. I tell him he had better put it back, or we’ll get in trouble. I think he is planning to pocket it. *end*

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