Dream: The Man in the Basketball Shorts LUCID *sexual*

Note: This entry contains some graphic descriptions of gay sex. If it’s not legal in your community for you to read it, you’re not old enough, or it would disturb you… please don’t click on the cut-tag.

Dream 20031105, 7:00 AM:

This dream isn’t very long, but is intensely lucid. I’m not sure, from the timing, if it was a WILD, or if I was dreaming before I got lucid.

I become aware of my dreaming self, in a house that reminds me of my Grandma’s house in Kansas. I bounce around a little bit, enjoying the sensation of my dream body, and for some reason decide that I want to run out into the street and take off my clothes. The feeling is something akin to wicked glee; I enjoy thinking about doing shocking things in real life, but usually refrain from following through. Since it’s such a realistic dream, I want to see how it feels. I walk quickly down the sidewalk and into the middle of the street, shedding clothes as I go. There are a few people on the street, none of whom react much.

A man in an all-white outfit, looks like a basketball or tennis uniform, rides up on his bicycle, and stops. His shorts and shirt are both long and soft, made of that synthetic pinhole-mesh stuff that they make basketball shorts out of. He has curly brown hair, not quite as long as a mullet, but longer in back than it is in front. He is middle-aged but handsome. I can see his cock, hanging soft but full inside the soft mesh; it looks like he doesn’t have any underwear on beneath. I rub it through the shorts, and then pull his shorts down and take his cock into my mouth. I enjoy sucking on it for a moment; it seems like I’m kneeling, although I don’t remember moving into that position. I savor the sensation of his cock, a lot like Chris’s, going in and out of my mouth. It feels particularly smooth. I realize that I’ve closed my eyes, which is usually bad for lucidity; it tends to make the dream fade for me. I open my eyes, and I can see the man in front of me, but it’s very oddly gray and washed out. The visuals kind of remind me of a bright photo in negative. I wake up somewhat, and then try to fade back into sleep.

I manage to get back to sleep a little, and can feel my dream body again. I burst out of bed, realizing quite clearly that it’s a false awakening, and run down the hall. It is the hall in the Kingwood House. Before I get a chance to do anything, though, I wake for real. *end*

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