Dream: Security Codes at the New Development

Dream 20030821, 7:00 AM:

I’m walking with Chris through an area of brand-new housing under construction. The houses are colossally huge, but they’re built up against one another, almost like row houses. They’re to a very large scale, though – the stories are very tall, and the doors and windows are huge. Walking along, we find one of them that is open, and we sneak inside. It feels forbidden, but not horribly so. There is a bunch of construction stuff inside, and also a bunch of items that look like unfinished decorative elements; I remember seeing big bins full of colorful things that ought to go into an elementary school classroom, and then a place in one of the front entry halls that looks like a big fountain, except the water is actually solid, painted blue, and has big fish in it, in a row like they’re doing synchronized swimming. It’s like an odd sculpture.

We leave the house, and walk along through the development. It is very hilly, and we walk past an area that looks like a dry creekbed; we call it the Wash, and I tell Chris that it’s just as beautiful as he had said it was. It’s full of fine white gravel on the bottom, and the sides are sloping banks of iron-red stone. There are houses on either side of it, and it seems to go quite a ways into the distance.

We walk on, and it becomes more like visiting a big outdoor museum or a zoo. There is a lot of dream stuff in this part that I’ve forgotten. We see a plaque on a wall which turns sideways and reveals two sets of letters: AL, and abcdefg. The letters were on a rotating piece of some metal, and at first looked like a collection of random lines, but when they turned they made clear letters. I realize that it’s a security code, and that it’s funny that they’ve made it so simple. We keep on walking around, and get to an area that has a big aviary. I start to walk through the wrong part, through where the birds are, but then correct myself and walk down the right area in front of the rails. There are several different kinds of birds, and I enjoy looking at them all. One is like a duck, but has a soft mouth like some of the dinosaurs in one of the animated Disney features, and is making a little noise like it’s begging for food. We get to an area where the zookeepers are closing up little partitioned doors, and I want to test to see if the alarm code works. I find a door that has just been closed, and wait until the keepers are out of the way, and try the code, which works. I remark to myself that it’s a good thing they didn’t tie the code to the main system, because it doesn’t seem to have noticed the door being opened separately. We don’t go thorugh the door, just kind of store the information for later use.

We walk into a slightly dim looking area, it’s kind of like a restaurant/bar, and there are several groups of people sitting around and visiting. Now, Chris has become a girl, and as we walk past one group, (s)he recognizes a woman sitting at the table, and goes up and says hello. They visit for a bit, exchanging stories; it’s been a while since they’ve seen each other. The woman starts singing a ballad-like song about drinking wine and being mean; I think it’s intended for Chris’s benefit, like it’s telling him he’s been distant for too long.

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