Dream: "10, 6, 8, 4 are 2!"

Dream 20030310, 1:50 AM:

Note: this is one of the early-night dreams, and they are generally more irrational, less cohesive, and more bizarre than most of my later-in-the-night dreams.

It begins: I am watching a movie-like scene through a bizarre video screen; the screen has side-screens like one of those tri-fold mirrors where you can tip the side parts, and so it’s very much like a 3-D experience. If you look to the side, there is a different view of the same action. I have to lean forward into it.

I see a scene with innoculated fruits; there are long purple fruits sort of shaped like passion fruits or papayas; they have been injected with needles and have little raised welts in a row on the top of each one. They are in an open-fronted box that is attached to the wall.

Then, I see a scene about attack dachshunds. That’s all I remember, is a pack of attack dachshunds. Then, I pull my head back a little, out of the screen space, and look sideways – there is a ghost like figure in the wall (like between the layers of wall board) and he is smoking pot and laughing. Now, the space where the screen was is just a window into another room, it reminds me of the little window into a receptionist’s office at the doctor, or the service window at Starrville. There is a girl playing cards on a table right through the window, and I ask her what game she is playing. She lays down a hand of cards, exclaiming, “10, 6, 8, 4 are 2!” triumphantly.

Then I wake up (but not really…) and I’m explaining to Chris about how the dream was like watching a movie. He says that’s very cool, he was watching the same movie! We start to compare notes, and it seems like it was the same dream indeed, but then there are discrepancies – like the guy smoking pot in my dream, was blowing bubbles with a bubble pipe in his dream. He takes me up a flight of stairs piggy-back, and we’re laughing. *end*

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