Dream: The Grandma Witch

Dream 20030304, 4:00 AM:

I am a grandma witch. I have an image of myself a few times, and I appear as an older woman with short gray-white hair. I am gathering items for my daughter, or possibly my granddaughter, for some kind of special ritual. I start out at my daughter’s house (is it my house too?) and leave there and go to several other places to gather items. I remember transferring the items as I gather them back to the house, by way of mirrors – several of the things are hairs or threads, and I hold them by one end in front of a mirror and concentrate, until the hair stands straight out toward the mirror, then I let it go, and it flies into the mirror and is transported home. I remember walking along with a young boy, I think another of my grandchildren, and I find some grass heads in seed. Grass seed is one of the things we need. I ask to borrow his wrist watch, since I don’t have a mirror handy – and I tip the watch until I can catch a reflection of the sun, then pile some of the grass seed onto the glass and watch them disappear, sifting down through the glass like a sieve.

I have to get my van out of a parking lot that is surrounded with iron fence – there is some mishap about someone parking wrong, but I eventually get out.

When I get back to the house, I find that there is a man here. I don’t like him, although that’s all I remember. I tell my granddaughter about an ancestor who was a sea-creature (like a mermaid or selkie, although I don’t recall specifics) and I tell her that it was my great-great grandmother, and that would make it her great-great-great-great grandmother (or some combination like that.) I have an image in my mind of some great animal like a whale or sea serpent breaching in the ocean.

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