Dream: Driving on Ice and the Nursery Flats

Dream 20030214, 5:30 AM:

I am at the Sammons Center; I don’t know whether this is for a special event or just a regular day. Looking down at Harry Hines, I can tell that it is icy; there are cars slipping along and some of them turn and fishtail. For some reason, I need to drive down there; I get on the street going south (without going through the U-turn somehow) and I’m slipping and sliding along with the rest. It seems somehow more fun than dangerous. I bump into another car, but it’s just a “kiss” – I know that it didn’t do any damage. Then, perspective shifts, and I’m inside a very large-scale model of the place where I was driving… it’s like it’s a super-sized toy version. I take my car, and “drive” it by pushing it like a toy car, along the street. Then, I take it off the road by way of a little ramp, and up on top of a small hill. On top of the hill, there are lots of cool green shapes made from bunches of tiny plants in flats; they are all kinds of herbs and such. They are short and very soft, and I crawl along them like a carpet. I remember taking one of the little flats out of the rest, and handing them to someone. Then, I push my little car (which looks like a VW bug, not like my Escort) along, and to a place for it to stay – it seems like I park it under the bottom shelf of a set of steel shelving in a warehouse. I tell a man there not to move it – and that although it seems like a toy, it still weighs over a ton. *end*

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