Dream: Drive Around the Block LUCID

Dream 20030117, 7:40 AM:

I wake up, to the alarm clock going off. It seems like the bedroom is in a different place, and Diane is here, waking up in another bed across the room. My hair is long, and it’s falling in my face; I look at Diane, and have the sneaking suspicion that I could be dreaming – I ask her how long my hair is, and she looks at me speculatively, and starts to hold up her forefinger and thumb as if to give a measure of about a quarter inch – and I say, “Really short, right?” and she nods. I say, “Then that means I’m dreaming, because I’ve got my long hair back!”

The clock says something like 7:55, although it’s difficult to read because there are so many different things on the display – it’s got words in there in addition to the time. I go out and get into my car, and head off down the street, but the car is zooming *really* fast. It smacks into a couple of things, I think a couple of other cars, and it seems to have a mind of its own. I turn and go down Bee to the left (not the way to work) and then down Collingwood, and I’m kind of enjoying the speed because I know that I won’t get hurt.

I get back to the house, and there is someone here, who is drawing these odd-looking vertical shades with vines on them across the big plate glass window that covers much of the front of the house (not there in real life). I realize that it doesn’t conceal anything, and I have to draw an additional horizontal blind to cover the windows. He is talking about how the Mayor hasn’t approved something, and so it probably won’t get done. I decide that this is boring, and I want to turn the dream to something erotic – I spin and spin, enjoying the sensation of the spinning, but when I get back to normal, it seems like the dream is flickering, little bits of scenes, like tiny short clips from a porno. It stabilizes just a little bit, then falls apart and I wake.

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