Dreams 20030112, 5:55 AM: Slime Mold, Confused Flight, The Lady at the Wedding Restaurant

Dreams 20030112, 5:55 AM:

These are three distinct dreams, but I’m putting them together for ease of reference. I didn’t note the time on the two earlier ones.

1: Slime Mold
I’m out in the woods walking with someone, I think it’s a female friend, but don’t know who. We come upon an old and twisted tree that has a big cool-looking growth on it – I look at it and realize that it’s a slime mold, and say so to my friend. It is orange and slick looking, and has a texture to it like alligator skin. There are two large irregular circular areas, each about three feet across, on either side of the base of the trunk. I am intrigued, and do something like tap the tree, seeing if it will move. I do something that causes it to move, and my friend tells me to watch out; then, the stuff forms into a ball and slides down the tree. It starts making all kinds of shapes, from various human parts to little animals. Somehow it follows me home, and I am in the blue bedroom at the Kingwood house with Chris, and it has turned into a black cat like Bu. I am angry with it, and do something like shoo it or push it, and it turns evil, and now we’re afraid of it because it could hurt us. It keeps running around the room and under the bed. Some of the time it looks like Bu, some of the time it looks like the ball of slime. It doesn’t seem to be orange any more though, more often a sort of quick-silver.

2: Confused Flight
I’m at the Kingwood house, and I know that I want to go outside and fly. I keep trying to rise above the tree level, but for some reason I can’t seem to do it, and my field of vision is obscured by all the trees. I am in the front of the yard, near the street. I don’t know why, but I have a strong need to have my entire field of vision full of blue sky. I keep trying, using several different methods, from jumping into the air, to lying on my back and hovering upward. It seems each time that when I start to gain enough altitude to start seeing more sky and less trees, I either flip sideways, or lose altitude.

3: The Lady at the Wedding Restaurant
I’m at a restaurant-like place. It is all open, with white columns and lots of flowers and light. It seems like it’s decorated for a wedding, and then I realize that there are several groups that look like wedding parties. I am with a group that is having a rehearsal dinner or something like it here, but I don’t recall who I’m with. I see a lady in a lavender dress who appears to be unstable as she’s walking, as if she’s ill and weak; I reach out and offer my hand, and she smiles and gratefully accepts, and I take her elbow. I walk her to her table, and then rejoin my group, but I keep looking over at her as if concerned that she will be OK. After a while, it’s time for us to leave, and I have a vague memory of standing in front of a large circular driveway waiting for our car to pull up.

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