Dream: The Witch Caves

Dream 20021117, 4:00 AM:

I am in the middle of a body of water. It is murky, and relatively still. I don’t know if it’s ocean or lake. I am floating, and don’t feel panicky or anything, although I seem to be stuck here without a way to land.

Then, a big gray beluga shows up. It seems like a cross between a beluga and a dolphin. It sort of just fades into being, and I take hold of its back and it takes me to land.

Once there, it seems like I’m in a carved out cave. The cave seems to go round in a circle like a snail’s shell; it has an outer hall with alcoves, and off of the inner wall are rooms. The people who live here are all witches or sorcerers of some kind. I walk along with the outside wall to my right, and I do something with my hand as I enter each alcove that makes a flash of light. I think that it has something to do with neutralizing the powers of the sorcerers by startling them. I feel like I have an unpleasant but necessary mission. I get to a doorway that leads off to the right, and it seems like it goes outside. There is a cauldron sunk into the ground, and smoke coming out of it; I know that somehow this cauldron is another witch that I have to kill. There are some others here with me who are concerned that there will be trouble, although they know that she has to be stopped. I say some words which I don’t remember, and there is a little dog here. There is smoke coming out of the cauldron now, and I set the dog (who looks like a Maltese, or a poodle) so that it is facing the cauldron. The smoke coming out of it goes straight up and then turns at a right angle so that it goes directly to the dog; it is a narrow little tube of smoke. I put a cloth over the dog and the cauldron both, and say some more words. I know that I’ve killed or banished her somehow.

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