Dream: Weavings in the Garbage Can

Dream 20021115, 4:45 AM:

I’m at college. I have to look at my schedule and find out where my classes are – I think it must be the first day of class. I am with a group of friends, on an elevator. We break up and go our separate ways to class. I am sitting in a class learning either German or Italian, or possibly both. I have a hardon, and I reach down and rub it; the professor says something about a surcharge. He is making a joke, and we laugh. I am writing and drawing in my notes; it seems like both are connected to the class matter.

The professor leaves, and other students are asking me how I was getting along with him so well. I say it’s because I could already speak Italian. Michelle – a little kid – gets up with a female teacher and gives a short presentation; I don’t remember what it is about.

After class, I’m in a hallway. I am holding a strip of woven material that I’ve made, a tablet-woven gold band, and I toss it into a garbage can. I change my mind, and decide that I want to get it back out. I reach into the open-topped can, and start to fish through the stuff in it. It is all clean, papers and such, nothing crumpled up or nasty. I dig down and get the woven piece and hold it in one hand as I continue fishing through, because there is interesting stuff in here. I find several large pieces of fabric that look like they are embroidery projects in progress; one is on gray fabric and looks like a brocade design in stitchery. They are big squares, and seem to be hard, like if they were stabilized with cardboard. One is a Gothic scene. I keep pulling them out and looking at them.

Then, someone interrupts me to ask me a question. I look up to answer him, and when I look back down at the can, it has changed, it’s smaller and much shorter now. I realize that I won’t be able to get any more of the stuff out of it, and I think to myself that it will be hard to find again.

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