Dream: Laura's Tree

Dream 20021114, 5:15 AM:

I’m at a backyard party or barbecue at someone’s house. I think it’s Laura L’s, because she seems to be acting most like a hostess. I see that there are several huge trees lying down in the back yard, which looks like a piece of primeval forest. The trees are really thick but I don’t see any leaves or anything on them; they have small branches coming directly out of the thick gray trunks, but no leaves. There are a crew of men here cutting down one of the trees, and they do it very strangely – they cut sections from the top, which then fall straight down with out tipping sideways. It wouldn’t be possible without pinching the saw blade to cut them this way.

I walk on, and find a little pond by a hill. I walk around the margin, and watch the little things swimming in the water. I see minnows, and some tiny shrimps flitting back and forth in the water. Then, I see some tiny fishes that look like the colored glass fishes, but with larger tails. I reach down and pick one up, catching it easily; I look at it for a moment, then return it to the water. As I watch, it dives into a little burrow, so that only its tail is sticking out. I notice then that there are a bunch of similar tails sticking up, and that they must belong to more fishes.

Then, I go to a garage sale. It is mostly weights and fitness equipment. I see one that has a logo on it that is 1125 – the numbers are arranged like:
with the one on top and the 2 and 5 all in black, and the 1 on the bottom in white, like an open door. It reminds me of the Men in Black logo. The people who are hosting the garage sale give a little presentation. They seem pathologically enthusiastic, like an exercise infomercial. I don’t buy anything.

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