Dream: The Firework Jack-O-Lantern

Dream 20021004, 7:20 AM:

I’m at some sort of outdoor fair. There are lots of people here, and it reminds me of an SCA or pagan event, with pavilions and such. I’m at a table working on presents for people, and Julie McKnight brings me a thing to give to Chris – it is some sort of incense burner with three interlaced circles lying flat on the table. I take a price tag off one end of it, and wrap it up. Chris is also here somewhere, and I have to hide it from him while I’m wrapping it.

Then, he and I walk home. We go through the neighbor’s yard, which is landscaped with huge tropical plants and very dark. It reminds me somehow of the back of the Mitchmores’ yard, although it doesn’t look like it. He wants to light up our Jack-O-Lantern, and I am momentarily concerned that the neighbors won’t appreciate it. I look, and see that once we get into our yard, there is a large bright floodlight illuminating the place, so we wouldn’t be able to see it as well. He takes it out and puts it on a stick and lights a fuse on it, and several strands of lights pop out of it, burning with tiny fizzing sparkles. I keep watching the neighbor’s house, thinking somebody is going to come out and be ticked at us.

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