Dream: Dream Journal-within-a-Dream Journal ND

Dream 20020930, 7:20 AM:

I’m talking to a woman about how I need to get the sealer chemicals for a sail board; I tell her that it’s a 10 – 12 foot one, not one of the little one-person kind. I am thinking of Dad’s old Sunfish. When I say that it’s ten or twelve feet long, she looks around at the room we’re standing in, which is the bedroom where I am sleeping in real life, as if she’s trying to get an idea of how long the boat is.

Then, I am standing in Mom and Dad’s bedroom, talking to Mom about needing the sealer for the boat. Mom is standing beside the bed, and I don’t realize until I’ve been talking to her for a while, that Dad is lying on the bed asleep. He is lying on top of the covers, dressed, and he has on a sleep mask. At first, I think it is my Nova Dreamer mask, but then I see that it’s just a regular sleep mask. It seems inappropriate to be talking about the boat, like it would upset him.

After I walk out of the bedroom where Mom is still standing beside the bed, I wake up. Or at least so I thought! The following portion of the dream begins with a false awakening, and goes on from there.

I wake up and find myself in the bedroom. I start typing out my dream on the computer in detail. There are some points that don’t seem entirely clear, and I relax, close my eyes, and re-enter the dream a little to pick out details. I type for a while, and then want to read a printed version to see how close I’ve gotten. I start printing out the dream, but for some reason there are some already-used pages in the printer, including a couple of half-sheets with hand-written notes on them. I think somebody else has loaded these into the printer, and I am annoyed. Chris is here with me in the bedroom talking to me, and I think there is another person, a friend of Chris’s – I talk to them a little, but am preoccupied with the dream journal and getting it to print out right. I pick up one of the pages, and see that it has “I am evil! Mike.” written on it in purple crayon or chalk; the printing seems to work its way around this lettering, not infringing on it. I look down inside the printer, and see that it is feeding another hand-written half sheet; I reach inside and pull it out, grumbling.

I remember something about the dream that I had forgotten to record in the journal; I recall a tiny cartoon car spinning sideways on a freeway, like it’s flipped onto its side. I write that into the dream journal. I decide to go outside and sit on the porch to finish writing.

I am sitting outside on the porch – unlike the house where I live. The house is on the corner of the street, and I can see down both streets from where I’m sitting. It reminds me of Grandma’s house, but different. Dana is inside the house, and says something about the kids damaging her car. I have my Nova Dreamer on, but it’s like a pair of opaque black sunglasses. I lift it up to look down the street – the street is lined with lots of cars. I ask her which kids she’s talking about – she tells me they’re the ones who are putting up the orange cones. I look down the street and see that someone has set cones along the sides of the street, as if saving the parking spaces in front of the houses. Dana says that she’s called 911 and reported them, so if the police arrive, please let her know. I am talking to her through the window, which looks into a bedroom or sitting room. I am really annoyed that she called the police over something so trivial. I tell her that we’re obviously not getting along as roommates, and she needs to keep looking for another place to live. She seems shocked, as if I’m making a big issue out of something unimportant. I just shrug. I see a group of kids, mixed in age between 10 and 15, come around a car and down the street; I ask if these are the kids she’s having trouble with, she says no, that these are kids she’s had before. It sounds like they’re kids that she taught in some kind of class. She goes outside, and enthusiastically greets and hugs the kids. *end*

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