Dream: Grandmother's Hallway LUCID ND C

Dream 20020925, 6:50 AM:

This dream was the first night of taking calea in the evening. 2 #0 gel-caps of ground leaf about two hours before bed, and then 1 mg. of melatonin half an hour before bedtime. I didn’t notice a significant change in my dreaming, although the lucid dream that I had at the night’s end was particularly realistic. My incubated intention in this dream was to walk through a door or a mirror and go to the garden place that I use during my meditations. Note: the house that I am walking through in this dream suffered catastrophic flooding back in 1994, and my Grandparents sold it and moved. This never occurred to me during the dream.

I find myself in a bedroom. I think that it is the pineapple bedroom at Grandmother’s old house in Grangerland, but it has some differences. It seems like the door is in the wrong part of the wall, and the room is laid out differently. There are pictures and a couple of documents, like certificates, on the wall in frames. I feel certain that I am dreaming, but can’t point to anything that would prove it for me, so I set out to find some proof before I try walking into a mirror. I stretch my arms out, and begin to spin around, thinking that I will be able to notice if the dream scene changes. As I slow to a stop, I realize that the room has stayed entirely stable, but now my vision is blurry, as if I have something gummy in my eyes. I try to look at the framed documents on the wall, but all I can see is a blur. There is a digital clock here, it is one of the ones that has the little number cards that flip over to change the time. It says 8:34, I think, and it remains stable when I check it twice. The numbers are lit up in green, but not very bright.

Since I can’t seem to see the pictures or documents on the wall very clearly, I go out into the hallway. The hall is now exactly the one in the Grangerland house. I walk past the bathroom, looking at some of the pictures on the wall. In the bathroom, I see another clock, similar to the first, and the time on it is 8:32 or 6:32 (there is something in the way of the display preventing me from seeing the number easily) and I move my head to see if I can see it more clearly. I realize that the clock is actually being reflected on the back of something, very clear like a mirror; it’s dark in the hallway, and I can’t really see what it is.

As I walk into the living room, I see a picture in a round frame, that looks like something on television – I see a woman holding a toddler, and the toddler has her hand beside her face as if about to wave. I think to myself that if I’m dreaming, I should be able to make the toddler wave; the hand moves a little, but then the picture changes. I realize that what I’m looking at is actually a mirror sitting on the table next to where the bench-like couch is. I’m seeing a reflection of the television screen in the mirror. There is another clock, of the same kind, next to the TV, and it shows the same stable time.

Still trying to find something that will behave in a dream-like fashion, I notice a stack of hand written paper next to Granddad’s chair. It reads like a letter from Dad to Richard, but the writing isn’t Dad’s. It’s somewhat blotchy, written with blue pen that looks like a fine-point marker, and the handwriting is erratic and reminds me of someone who doesn’t write much. I read through part of it, and try re-reading phrases of it, but can’t seem to get any of them to behave like they ought to as dream writing (changing upon re-reading). The letter tells about some ancestor of ours, and how Richard can find his biography. It refers to him as being “a hottie” – I laugh at the description. It also explains that there is someone else that isn’t chronicled, and if Dad needs to, years from now he can write that biography. The man’s name is McKean. I realize that I’ve picked up a thin plastic bag with the stack of paper; I look at it, and it has a little amount of amaranth seed down in the bottom of it. I don’t think to try the reading test on the package labeling.

I turn, and walk back into the hallway. As I get to where the bathroom is, the Nova Dreamer lights flash brightly in my eyes. I say aloud to myself, “See, I TOLD you I was lucid! I knew it!” The lights seem very bright, and when they fade, I am looking into the bathroom which seems very dark. My dream awareness fades, and I find myself lying in bed awake. *end*

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