Dream: Flying to Chris's Office – LUCID ND(?)

Dream 20020919, 7:00 AM:

This was a wake-back-to-sleep experience, and I was wearing the Nova Dreamer, but I didn’t see any light cues. The mask confirmed afterward that it had sent no cues – I don’t know whether the mask had moved on my face so it couldn’t see my eyes, or if it just hadn’t picked up enough movement.

I had a couple of little dream snippets before the actual dream started, which was weird. One of them was watching Greysie, who was up on the shelves in the living room and apparently peeing; she had a bulging pouchy thing sticking out of her backside, and I realized that it wasn’t normal and it might be a prolapsed uterus. I touched it and gently pressed it, and it subsided until it looked normal again.

Then, I am back in the spare bedroom, where I am sleeping in real life, and find myself lying in bed. I don’t remember what caused me to realize that I am lucid, or if I just spontaneously became aware of it. I just remember thinking, here I am, I must be lucid now. The situation seems very realistic, a false awakening. I decide to spin my dream body to change the scene, and it seems to wake me up – but a moment’s thought makes me realize that I was just still dreaming. I become *more* lucid, although it still seems as if I’d woken up.

I want to go out and fly. I go through the house, and to the front door. Taco runs out under my feet as I am getting out the front door, and I push him back through the door. Greysie was close behind him, and he sort of bowls her over, and they end up in a little pile. It makes me laugh. Outside, it seems like it is late October; the air is cool and crisp and the sky is overcast and it is slightly windy. I’m wearing a black zippered jacket, the one I got from Grandpa. I feel almost as if I’m not certain I’m dreaming; everything seems so real. I finally decide that I’m going to go ahead and attempt flying, and if I’m really not dreaming, I just hope I won’t look ridiculous or fall and hurt myself. I think for a moment that I ought to climb on top of the black railing, and take off from that because it would give me a little bit of height to start with, but I decide to just take off from the ground. I push up into the air, and make a swimming motion with my hands, and I’m airborne. It feels so good! My whole body tingles, and I feel giddy with the realization that I’m really flying. It has a totally real quality about it, not dreamlike at all. I fly down the street alongside the trees (the street seems to change slightly – as if we were the corner house) and I think to myself, I want to fly over to Chris’s office and seduce him for a little dream dalliance.

I feel a little constricted in my chest, and realize that the jacket is confining my movements. I’m flying through the air with a breast-stroke like movement, and the jacket is restricting the motion of my arms. I unzip the jacket, and leave it that way, and it feels much better. I wonder to myself what’s going to be the most direct route to go see Chris, since I’m flying and not driving.

Unfortunately, in my sleeping body, I can hear Taco whining at the bedroom door. I have ear plugs in my ears, but I can still hear him enough to wake me. I think I’m going to be able to get back to sleep, but then something catches the dogs’ attention, and they start barking.

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