Dream: Naked at the Neighbor's House

Dream 20020914, 8 AM:

I am at a neighbor’s house. I think it is the neighbor who lives across the street and down one house toward Albemarle; I’ve never visited with them, although we say hi on the street. I’m what appears to be a living room, and it is separated from their dining room by a bookcase. I am looking at some of the books, and climbing the bookcase shelf-by-shelf with my fingertips. One of the books says something about the Governor being here for dinner, and I peek around the corner of the bookcase, and see that they are sitting at the dining table with some stranger in a suit. I decide to go. I get off the bookcase, and walk through the front room, which has pictures on the wall, and one of the pictures has a scrolling image that moves from right to left. It looks almost like a flat-screen TV, but I know that it is some sort of special picture frame that holds a short-cycle moving image.

I get outside, and start to walk down the sidewalk, when I realize that I’m naked. I think I have been for a while. I have something in my hand, it seems like a short-handled shovel or a dust pan. I hold it in front of my genitals as a car goes past. I realize that I need to make it across the street and back into my own house, before people start noticing me being out here.

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