Dream: Lizard Boy in a Fantasy World – LUCID ND

Dream 20020912, 12:45 AM:

Yay! The first clear lucid dream experience with the Nova Dreamer. This was fantastic. Thank you again, Chris!

I haven’t been able to quite work my way back through the dream to the point where I became lucid. I know that I simply recognized the flashing lights and became lucid. It didn’t manifest as a dream occurrence.

I have decided that for this experience, I wanted to explore a fantasy world. I had seen something about a Piers Anthony novel earlier this afternoon, and that stuck in my head – I decided to go into one of his worlds. I didn’t quite end up there, but having somewhere to aim seemed to help the experience significantly.

I remember that somehow another guy managed to get inside the experience before I did. I remember standing next to Chris on the sidewalk, and pointing to a painted arrow that was on the sidewalk, and explaining that the poor guy had gotten inside the experience without managing to take along the map. He didn’t know where he was going, or what to do. I know that the arrow on the concrete is him. I know that he can’t see us, and we can’t see him in his proper shape, because of the difference of the dimensions. I tell Chris that I can probably make myself known to the guy, if I *project* a little… and as I say this, I’m projecting an image toward the other dimension. When I do so, I can see the other guy sitting on the sidewalk, but he’s been turned into a green lizard. I reach down and try to grab him, but he scampers off. I guess I must look like a huge monster to him.

I have to get the novel, to take along with me to use the map inside the front cover. I am in a train car, and I know that there is a library in one of the cars. I go to the right car, and open the door to the library. A young woman follows me in, and I get up and start to shut the door, but she shuts it first. I say, “Thanks, I was just about to do that.” I start looking for the book, and Chris and I walk down the aisle of the library cart. I am shining a flashlight into the seats, and I tell Chris that there might be something scary – I’m expecting to see something from the dinosaur world, and I think I see dinosaur eggs on one of the seats, but when I shine the flashlight on them, they are actually somebody’s bunny slippers, and I give Chris a sheepish look. Then I see the lizard on the floor. I realize that he’s here, and we’re in the same place, and I reach down and grab him. He looks like a green anole, but smaller. I start explaining to him that we’re inside a fantasy world, and he will be okay, as long as we can find our way back out in time. He doesn’t seem to get it. He is struggling. He gets loose, and I have to catch him again.

I’m carrying the lizard as we disembark the train. We’re walking along under a covered walkway, and I see the lights flashing again. I’m ecstatic, because I know this means I’ve managed to maintain the lucid state through the four minute refractory period of the ND device. A later check of the ND indicates that it only gave me 2 cues between setting and waking – which means that I caught *both* of them in one dream! The lizard-guy struggles in my hand as I’m walking along, and I explain to him that the lights are just a signal for me, and that they won’t hurt us, but I need to move along to where they won’t bother him. I’m briefly conscious of my body, and I do a spin to regain consciousness of the dream experience. I am thinking to myself that it’s cool that I’m not actually moving my real-world body, because the sensation is so real.

For some reason, we need to get into a different place now. I am with a couple of people; the only one that I can recognize is Amy Martin. We are going to cut through a break in the hedges where there is a way into the underground water system. It is like a little gateway into a sewer, and we have to part the bushes and wiggle our way in. We work our way into the water, and swim downward, then find ourselves under a LOT of deep clear water. We rise up from the great depth, and we pop up in a swimming pool where there are a bunch of people apparently just finishing a class in something like water aerobics. I think to myself that it’s convenient that they were just finishing, or they would have noticed us popping up from the bottom. I tell Amy that next time, we ought to see if we can work our way to the shallow end, so it’s not *quite* such a long way to the surface – it seems to have made my lungs a little worn out. As we’re walking around the end of the pool, I make a note to myself, “Increase sensations,” and things seem sharper and brighter. I know the pool was intensely blue as we were coming up.

We leave the pool area and go onward. I realize that I have left the lizard behind. We go back and talk to a lifeguard type guy, although he’s a little older and not very fit – maybe he’s a coach. He says something about a little lizard in such a big pool would be impossible to find. I go back and start looking at the pool, and I see the lizard, clinging to a sheet of paper or card stock. I reach down and grab him, just as he is sinking under the water. I start blowing into his mouth and shaking him. He comes back to consciousness, and he is very angry with us for leaving him. I start to ask him, “Who saved your life and breathed into you? Who thinks you are a very special little lizard guy? Me!” and he seems to be brightening a little and becoming less hostile toward me. I am almost singing this to him, and it makes me sound like a kids’ TV show. I think that the area that we’re walking through is Mom and Dad’s garage. The lizard seems to have shrunk to the point of being very tiny, like maybe an inch or two long. He is sitting on my thumb, and I’ve got the tip of one finger on his back legs to keep him from squirming off. He also seems to have gotten more brown, and has a texture on his skin like coral, with the little pores. He has pressed the tip of the index finger of my opposite hand between his teeth and upper lip, and is making this huge smile, like he’s finally realized that I’m going to stick with him and take care of him. He seems to be all mouth now; his body is totally hidden behind the huge mouth. I notice that the pressure feels warm and very firm – and I have a brief thought that this kind of pressure could almost be sexual – it’s like somebody sucking my finger. I am conscious of my body again, and decide to wake this time rather than try to dive back into the dream again. *end*

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