Dream: The Monocular Mask ND

Dream 20020908, 11:30 AM:

This is the first night of sleeping with the Nova Dreamer that Chris got me for my birthday.

I am watching from the foot of a bed, and Rick Moranis and some other comic actor are lying in the bed, with the covers all jumbled up, looking with binoculars at a flickering TV screen. They pass the binoculars to another person in the bed, who I realize is me… but when my character holds the binoculars up to his face, they turn to a single lens, still looks like a binocular lens (dark in the center, circular piece of glass) but very large – about 6″ across. There is a stem or raised part at the top, and I recognize looking at it that this is a dream adaptation of my Nova Dreamer! The moment I realize this, I’m in the character instead of watching from the foot of the bed, and I reach around and start patting the mask, trying to find its button. The mask has switched to be its regular self, not the monocular glass version. I press the button, and nothing happens, as expected – I remark to myself, “How cool! I’m dreaming!” I then decide I want to go to Hawaii. The mask is too far down on my face, and it’s making it hard for me to breathe; I push it upward onto my forehead, trying to clear my nose, but it seems like I still can’t quite breathe right.

I wake up before getting to do anything, and I’m congested, which is what was causing the breathing distress. I was exceptionally pleased to have recognized the mask!

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