Dream: Busted with Juniper

Dream 20020908, 3:40 AM:

I am out on a country road. I am supposed to be meeting Juniper (K.M.) and we’re going to do something. I see her car, a small orange VW bug, and we turn down the same street, going into a residential area.

She parks her car, and I park mine beside hers, and she gets out and runs ahead down the end of the street and across a big drainage-ditch type thing, that has fancy stepping stones going down its banks. I think she rides across on a horse, which is odd because she didn’t have a horse earlier. I finally catch up with her on the other side, and she pulls out a baggie with what looks like 2 or 3 ounces of cut and sifted herb. I know that it’s cannabis, although in the bag it looks more like parsley or oregano. It’s bright green, and small flakes, no chunks or clumps. She holds the bag up in front of her, telling me that it’s $500, and she didn’t know if I wanted this much. She keeps referring to her Dad, and I get the impression that her Dad gave her the stuff and only told her a little about how to divide and sell it. I tell her that I surely didn’t want that much, and she opens just a corner of the bag, which is a Zip-lok type, and presses it to get the air out of it, and puts it back into her pocket or some place on her jacket. Then, she pulls out a little bag, also a zippered one, and tells me her Dad said to break it up, this is a $50 bag, and I tell her that’s more like what I was thinking about. She passes it to me, and I reach and get my wallet and start pulling out money, but I realize that I ought to not pass her the money here. I find a $50 bill and a $5 bill, and then I cross back across the ditch and wait until she crosses as well and sort of slip her the bills.

As we walk back up the banks of the ditch and toward our cars, which are parked side-by-side in the street, I notice that there is a third car parked next to them. It is shaped like a Gremlin, although it shifts and becomes a convertible. I see the guy in the car watching us, and I suddenly realize that he followed us here, and he’s an undercover cop. I have a thought of trying to ditch the little baggie I’m carrying, but then I realize if he’s seen my carry it and seen me ditch it, it would be just as good as finding it on me. I’m freaking out.

I wake up, heart pounding.

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