Dream: Rolling in the Waves (should have invited Lobo!)

Dream 20020906, 7:00 AM:

I’m at some sort of camping event, and I’m walking around. It is near dark, just light out enough to see where I’m going but too dark to see faces clearly. Someone calls me, I’m not sure if it’s Chris B or Tracy G, or a character blended from both of them. She calls me, and then when I don’t realize what she’s saying, she calls me again; she says something that is funny, and we laugh. I go closer, and realize that she and another person are smoking a joint; she was trying to subtly get me to come over and join them. I hang out with them for a little while and enjoy a couple of tokes, then wander on.

I don’t remember moving from one place to another, but I find myself at the beach. David Denton is here, and we are passing a joint, sitting in shallow water as the waves roll in and out. A higher-than-ordinary wave knocks us sideways, and the joint goes into the water, and we laugh and splash around. It seems silly but very funny. Then, we go into a building on the beach that has showers, and we get cleaned up – I think we are going on to somewhere else later.

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