Dream: Stuff from the Blue Bedroom

Dream 20020903, 4:00 AM:

I’m at the Kingwood house. The earlier part of this dream, which is mostly just fog, has something to do with stuff which has been stored at the house for me, in the blue bedroom. I remember unstacking some things, and there is a newspaper clipping in the stack that has gotten damp; it has droplets of condensation on it. I also remember walking around outside the house, from the front around to the side and then to the back yard.

Later, I’m with Mom at a banquet. There is an order that we’ve placed for pictures, and it is going to cost $5 for the prints. I put down $3, and Mom is going to pay the other two, and we’re going to split the order – I’m getting the pictures for The Oaken King. She puts down her Discover card, and I pick it up and hand it to her and put down a $5 bill, because I think it’s silly for her to have to use a charge card for $2.

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