Dream: Goat Shaving at the Carnival

Dream 20020903, 5:00 AM:

I’m at a small-town carnival type fair. There are a lot of different booths and trailers, and a midway area, but I don’t recall there being any rides. I have to get from one area to another, and there is a preacher who takes me on his Cushman cart. He talks to me about something, but I don’t recall the conversation. He has these little chocolate capsules that are shaped like little fat cigars, and I eat two of them; they are like jelly inside. They have a little plastic tip on them, and one of them somebody has bitten already; I bite off the un-bitten end, and leave the bitten part in the plastic cap.

I walk around the end of a booth, and there is a little fenced corral filled with white, wispy wool. As I get further around the building, I can see that there is a woman sitting down in the corral, and she’s shaving a big long-haired goat. It has splotches of various colors, and the thing that she’s using to shave it looks like a cross between a men’s safety razor and a garden hoe; it’s about three inches or so across the blade area, and the handle is probably a foot long. She strokes it down the goat’s back, and the hair falls off in clumps and locks. She is talking to the crowd, explaining how the goat’s hair grows, and then they pluck a second coat from it, which is finer than the stuff they shave off. She is holding a little tuft of hair to demonstrate, and she reaches over and starts to pinch a tuft of hair out of her husband’s beard. He is sitting next to her, and apparently wishes he weren’t part of the demonstration – it looks like she’s going to yank some beard hairs, and his face makes it clear that he anticipates it hurting.

I’m getting hungry, and wandering around looking for something I can eat. I see a booth that has some pre-packaged candies and such, and I look through the glass case at a wrapped thing that looks like I could eat it – it appears to be made mostly of popcorn. I ask the lady if she can let me read the wrapper on it up close, or even better, let me see the bag or box that the candies came in. *end*

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