Dream: The Doctor in the Condo Kitchen

Dream 20020815, 8:00 AM:

I’m walking along the side of a river or creek, or it may be a ditch; it seems more regular and straighter than a creek. I’m talking with Gigi on a phone, and she tells me about remembering to see some particular place – it’s called something de la Luna. Then, I’m walking along behind the back yards of houses, and the creek has become a big drainage ditch behind the yards. Then I am walking through a big place that seems like an appartment or condo complex. I go through a hallway to a common area. There are plants here, and a kitchen. It seems like the kitchen of a big house. I change my shirt three or four times while I’m here. There is a girl who is teasing me. There is a doctor doing a medical procedure in a little room off the kitchen, like where a breakfast nook would be, and I assist him. He is removing a thing that looks like a cast, but it seems like it’s something to do with the guy’s urinary tract. It’s a yellow foam cast, and it has some stinky liquid inside it, and I have to empty it out.

There is a woman in the kitchen, baking a holiday dinner. She shows me a bathroom where I can wash my hands. Then, I’m looking for a towel. The woman reminds me of Dottie Kidd from OCP.

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