Dream: The Wedding Benediction

Dream 20020814, 1:40 AM:

The Wedding Benediction

I’m standing in a little alcove, almost like a bathroom, but it just had a sink, no toilet. I am almost dressed in a tux – I have the jacket on, but the tie is untied and the collar is still open; I feel like I was getting dressed but had to deal with problems. I have a bottle of champagne – I pour a glass in one of those little plastic flutes and gave it to Mom, and pour one for me, and mine has a leak in the bottom so I had to drink it all at once. I said something about “as long as there’s enough left for the toast, we’re fine.” Richard is here, also dressed up, and is trying to explain to me how he was misled by Satan, and where he went wrong. I’m not in the mood to listen to it right now, I have to get ready because Chris and I are going to be married soon.

We walk down a hall, and there is a dark-haired blue-eyed woman in a long preacher’s robe, explaining to me that Dad can’t witness for me (I think he was going to give a benediction speech) and how she will – I ask her for the most loving, inclusive passage of scripture she can find, as if she were reading it for a Jew or someone of another faith. I explain that I’m a pagan, I dance in circles in the moonlight. She says she knows what I do, and tells me it’s wrong. I get angry, and start to tell her I was with this church when I was THIS TALL (making a hand gesture at about waist-height) and I feel it’s still important, and it’s OK to join these two things. She is going crazy, she’s very upset that I think it’s OK. I notice her eyes; they seem to have contacts in them, or maybe blue contacts in gray eyes.

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