Dream: The Paramecium Ointment

Dream 20020812, 1:20 AM:

The Paramecium Ointment

I’m walking around Forest Cove, from an area near Walt and Marilyn’s house toward Mom and Dad’s house. There are a few people with me, and we’re following a cat. One of us starts talking about ordering pizza, and I think that someone might have tried to order it using a cell phone, but it doesn’t work. One of the people is explaining that we have a tube of paramecium ointment, and it’s in a special tube that has a hollow down the center where the paramecium ointment goes. It’s designed to make people sick, and I don’t know why we’ve got it. It causes “a strange flu-like illness.” We get home, and I ask someone to call for pizza. I see the “tradeoff” of the ointment tube, as it’s handed from one person to another, as a cartoon movie. They had the tube straightened by a pharmacist; I think it had gotten dented. We now have an additional tube, but I think it’s just regular ointment.

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