Dream: The Man, His Dog, and the Bomb

Dream 20020809, 6:00 AM:

The Man, His Dog, and the Bomb

This dream seems very much like a TV show to me.

I watch as a man and a dog are swimming in a body of water. I get the impression that it’s not a lake, more like a drainage ditch – it seems manmade and utilitarian. I am trying to rescue them, and manage to get them out of the water. There was something like a bomb that was going to blow up and kill them, and we all get out of the water just in time.

Then, later, I’m in a room with a woman, a different man or two men, and a computer. It is a small long room, it reminds me of the offices that some construction companies have that are made out of trailers. We are talking, and then one of the men, who seems older, goes and sits at the compute rand types in words in a screen. The screen is already full of text, and some of the words are highlighted in a different color. It is a simple narrative, like a children’s story. He goes through and changes some of the highlighted words. I know that he’s not supposed to be doing this; he has slipped over to the computer when the other people weren’t looking. We all hear a loud noise, like an explosion, and I know that the man triggered the explosion by what he did on the computer. I realize that the earlier situation with the man and the dog in the water was just a decoy or a rehearsal, and that the explosion that was supposed to occur then, actually just occurred now. I am angry and frightened.

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