Dream: The Energy of Alligators on Land

Dream 20020805, 2:25 AM:

The Energy of Alligators on Land

I am trying to figure out what the form of an alligator’s energy would be on land. I try several techniques. One, people are talking about how to summon it, and say that it would be better to get a swamp water elemental (I have an image of a plump woman) to sign for it – there is an alligator laying out watching this entire proceeding. Then, later, I’m driving a car with a magical animal in the passenger’s seat. I think it’s a seal or a sea lion. I ask it what form its energy takes on land, and I think it’s an elephant. The seal seems like its face is strangely textured, like the flesh is evaporating under the skin, and I am seeing the shape of the bones. I have a very clear visual of the life energy, which is a bright glowing blue stuff, it seems like a liquid the way it moves. Then, I pull up to a restaurant with a couple; they go inside, but I drive around the restaurant and wait for them to come out. It seems like I have driven into the restaurant itself, because there are tables around where I am parked waiting, and there are orders of food on some of the tables with slips of paper. I think they have gone into the restaurant to find out about the alligator. I get some sort of dessert on a little plate.

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