Dream: Chris Flaugh's T-Shirt Toga Party

Dream 20020805, 4:45 AM:

Chris Flaugh’s T-Shirt Toga Party

I’m at a dinner party, the hosts are getting things ready for dinner. The table has places set, but under each place is a big flat piece of wood, like plywood, and under those are pieces of fabric. I take one of the pieces of fabric out, and realize that it’s a toga; this is a toga party. I undress, and start to wrap the toga onto myself, tucking it into my underwear, but I realize that it’s sewed up the sides, more like a tunic, and it’s made of T-shirt fabric. Craig Gregory is also here – is he the host? He takes out one of the togas, and demonstrates how to wear it; it’s like a huge T-shirt, not shaped like a toga at all.

Tracy’s roommate Tammy is here, and for some reason she has to leave. I think it’s because the host asked her not to smoke, and she got upset. When she gets up from the chair she was in, I realize that her Walkman has left a burned mark in the chair; I think it overheated. A piece of it is still on her head, and making a high-pitched whining noise. It seems like it’s pressed into her skin.

We drive home, and I see a bunch of really tall hot looking guys jogging. They almost seem like they’re in the military, or on a sports team; they’re all wearing the same gray uniform gym outfits with blue letters and trim. I don’t remember what the letters say. We get to the house, and Tammy turns off the Walkman. There’s a party at my house too – Darin Maxwell is here, and several other people. I am going back over to Craig’s party, but I keep thinking it’s Chris Fleck instead. I start trying to look up his number so I can call; it’s not in the phone book, and then I remember that it’s not Fleck, it’s Flaugh. I call information, and the phone is somehow connected to the stove; I have to pull the cord for the handset out from under a burner, and it has sticky stuff on it from cooking.

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