Dream: Lost in Missouri

Dream 20020801, 5 AM:

Lost in Missouri

Chris and I are driving on a long road trip. We go through part of Kansas, and I am able to navigate somehow – I seem to know the roads, although I haven’t been there in years and wasn’t driving when I was there. Then, we drive through part of Missouri, and Chris is driving. All the streets seem to have Native American names, but they seem like names from tribes from the Northeast – like Quahog, and things you’d associate with Massachusetts. We twist and turn along a bunch of roads, and finally end up in a bookstore, looking for a map. We go down into the basement, and there is some sort of special sale going on. I remember crouching down, and seeing several copies (with different jackets?) of a book titled “How to Look a Man Over.” It shows a picture of a man on the front, in a fairly realistic cartoonish style. There is a woman standing by a display with a tie-dyed bag tacked up to the wall; apparently, there is some deal where you buy the bag for $4.99, and then get a discount an all the books you can fit into it. I think we agree to get the bag, but wake up before figuring out what happens next.

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