Dream: The Candy Argument

Dream 20020731, 5:00 AM:

The Candy Argument

Chris and I are in a convenience store. We both see a display of some candy, it looks like Sprees – long rolls with multi-colored candy pictured on the outside. It is some kind of candy that both of us really like. There are two open boxes, one on top of the other, and Chris starts stacking the candies from one box into the other box, like he’s going to buy all they have on hand. Then, he appears to reconsider, decides he doesn’t need any of it after all, and puts it back. He goes and gets some other stuff, a bag of chips and a drink.

I pick up like 4 or 5 of the rolls of candies. Some of them have been opened from one or both ends, and I have to pick through them to find ones that are whole. I get the ones I want, and head up to the check-out. I am getting them for Chris, because he wouldn’t get them for himself. He comes up to the counter, and sees that I’ve got the candies. He gets upset, and takes the food that he’s picked out back, and starts putting it away.

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