Dream: The Glass Turning Demo

Dream 20020730, 2:10 AM:

The Glass Turning Demo

I’m at a Michael’s store, doing a demo; I am at the front of the store, near the registers, in a special set-apart area. I am working on a piece of glass that reminds me of a vase or a candle chimney; it seems like I am turning it on a wheel, although the table in front of me is steady. I turn around the table on a wheeled chair, or on skates – it seems like both of these things at different times. I am leaned way over, in almost a crouching position, working on the glass as I zoom in circles around the table. There are people here, and I am going very fast to show off to them.

I get done with the piece of glass, and I’m ready to leave. The bottom of the glass piece has a little spout or teat to it, and it is lined with black sticky rubber. I think that the spinning I was doing burned off some of the coating. Someone tells me I didn’t have to burn off the rubber – I say that I wanted to. I get up, and walk across the store to go, but I forget to take the glass with me. Part of the way across the store, someone points out that I have left it, and I turn back toward the demo table, and reach my hand toward the table, and “call” the glass to my hand. It flies through the air, and I take hold of it and walk on.

I go to the back of the store, and there is a line of people waiting to get into a bar. It reminds me of the lines at amusement parks, with the long barricaded waiting areas. I see a man’s butt in a chain mail jock-strap. It looks really hot, and I point it out to someone that I’m standing next to, saying “Catch a look at it now, from this perspective, because you won’t be able to see it later.” As if to prove my point, people in the line move, and we can’t see the guy any more.

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