Dream: The Apple Broomstick

Dream 20020721, 8:00 AM:

The Apple Broomstick

I’m walking along a sidewalk, and I can see houses barely sticking out of the ground. They appear to be normal rooftops, with just a little space around them; the rest of the houses are buried.

Somehow I get down inside one of them. The people are talking about how they are trying to get permission to build underground houses in some other city. The walls here are lined with stone. Chris is here now, and looking at the stone walls; he looks at a doorway, and says something about how it would look nice on our front porch. I am not so sure – it seems like it would be out of place.

Then, I am wrapping a broomstick with apples. The apples are on long sticks, and I wrap them around the base of the broomstick (handle end?) and then wrap plastic over them, and then tie the plastic down with a cord. They are a dark red. As I wrap the cord around and around, it loops around the apples, tying them down tighter under the wrap. I have someone with me, and we fly on the broomstick away to another place.

I am teaching an art class. I am watching as students are drawing sections of a grapefruit or orange; I remember distinctly watching the pencil work its way around the organic curves. Then, I’m having to re-wrap the broomstick with the apples. There are a LOT more apples this time; it concerns me that the broomstick may be too heavy with them to fly. By the time I have them wrapped on, the broomstick is hard to encircle with my arms.

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