Dream: The Temple of Set

Dream 20020715, 5:00 AM:

The Temple of Set

I go into a building, looks like the back entrance to a bar or restaurant, with no sign or anything. It is the Temple of Set. The lighting inside is bluish and strange; it makes everything seem surreal. Inside, there are all kinds of feindishly difficult puzzles and challenges. Many of them are deadly if you do them wrong; it’s a very hard test, figuring them out. I remember one that involves leaping over a table and solving some sequence on the wall behind. Another test involves a wooden sculpture about the size of a baby; I have to arrange it and turn its arms and legs through a particular sequence of moves, or it will kill me.

Since I successfully complete the tests, they hire me to work there. I don’t remember what I do for a job; that part just seems like it was skipped. I remember that when it’s time for me to quit working there, I go to a woman who does the payroll, and she gives me my final paycheck. The envelope only has one small check in it, something like $7.50; the rest is a bunch of large bills, mostly twenties and hundreds. They seem to be slightly larger than real money, and perhaps darker in print. I know that she has done this so that I won’t have to pay taxes on all the money; all that gets reported to the IRS is the check. I remember going outside, and there was something going on with a car that reminds me of a cop car. I also remember something about grabbing the ass of a little guy who works there; I grabbed it in a very sexual way, and he kind of jumped but grinned.

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