Dream: The Player Piano

Dream 20020711, 7:00 AM:

The Player Piano

I’m going on an adventure. There are a group of people who are getting ready for this adventure, packing a bus full of equipment and supplies. We go to one person’s house to get equipment; the house is full of antique furniture, and looks like something out of the 1890’s. The girl who lives here takes us into a room, and shows us a big player piano; someone looks at it and says that it’s the real thing, not a reproduction. She says it still plays and everything.

I see a chain that belonged to me in a box sitting on a wooden hutch; I pick it up, and put it on. Somehow I get the clasp attached wrong, and it’s hooked on too tight, with a piece dangling off. It reminds me of the heavy Figaro-link chain that I keep the Figa pendant on. Wilbert O’Hara from Old City Park shows up, and tells me something about the necklace.

Then, we are being chased by some sort of monsters. We have to get out of the house, and it’s almost like a game – the monsters are almost comic, like something out of a Bloom County cartoon or a video game, and we are lobbing things at them and shooting at them. We get outside, and the girl whose house it is, is shooting at the monsters, but deliberately aiming in front of their feet; I ask her why she doesn’t shoot them, and she tells me that it’s against her philosophy to kill them. We get into the bus, and pull away, with some wizard who joined our group shooting fireballs at the monsters to keep them at bay long enough for us to board. We zoom away.

We get to some sort of mansion, and there are more adventures there that I can’t recall. Something about a big pool of gunk (blood?) and two monstrous people lying in it, and hearing them planning to attack us.

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