Dream: The King Trout

Dream 20020707, 3:30 AM:

The King Trout

I’m with a group of people in a truck. We drive up to the front gates of a Renaissance festival, although it looks more like an amusement park. We park the truck in the street, pulling up to where a chair is sitting by the curb. We get out. There is a woman here, a member of our group, and she sees a woman named Lynnette, and makes all kinds of noise about how wonderful it is to see her. The woman she is talking to is in Renaissance dress, but looks like Corianna Seelig. Her name is also Lynnette, but she’s not the one I know. I see the Lynnette that I know, and point her out, and say that she’s Lynnette of Lioncourt (pronounced as if in French: Lee-on-coor).

We go in, and several of the guys with us have to put pieces of paper over the logos on their shirts; they are logos for the groups they are with, but apparently they’re not OK inside the park. The shirts are white with purple lettering stitched on the sleeves and chests. One guy says, “How about just writing ‘FUCK YOU’ in black marker?”

I fly above the paths in the fair; I get separated from the gang, but that seems fine. There is a stream here, and I fly along it, looking at the four-tailed fishes. They seem like normal fish at the head end, but their tails have extra whole tails growing out of the sides.

I am reading a hugely thick novel. It comes apart wrong at the back somehow, like the cover is removable. I realize that I’ve missed something, because I didn’t see the part about the King Trout. I was skimming through. I re-read, and then have an image of Joey Tribiani from Friends. He’s in a tent, and he empties a bunch of small items of food out of his backpack, then this puppet of the King Trout. It looks like a felt version of the four-tailed fishes; it seems big enough for his head to fit in it. There is a dog here, and later I see him prissied up, like he’s gotten a poodle trim, and people are making fun of him.

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