Dream: Under-Dressed for the RoundUP

Dream 20020706, 5:00 AM:

Under-dressed for the RoundUp

I’m in a car with David Hardy, Paul Hassel, and someone else that I can’t see. We are going to the RoundUp. We get to the parking lot, and the only parking space is handicapped. The guy driving has the blue hang tag, though, so we can park there. He adjusts the seats somehow, because they have to be configured differently for the handicapped sticker. He pushes a button, and they slide to a different place. Paul talks about having to use the tags when he was sick.

We get out, start to go in. I realize that I’m dressed wrong – sweat pants and no shirt, although it seems like I have a T-shirt on part of the time. I go back to the car to get jeans and a shirt. The other guys seem impatient as they wait for me.

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