Dream: The Vacation Treehouse

Dream 20020706, 9 AM:

The Vacation Treehouse

I’m on a bus, with Mom and a couple of children. The bus stops, and it’s our turn to get off; the kids wait for me at a pole by where the driver sits, and I pick them up as I move to the front of the bus. Mom has already gotten off the bus, and is getting her luggage, which is a big black garment bag on a rolling cart.

We go to the house where we’ll be staying – I think it belongs to some friend of ours, or a relative. It’s strangely made, reminds me almost of a treehouse, as if it’s high up in the air. The back porch has a balcony on each level, and they are connected by big beams with red painted metal brackets that hold them onto the balcony levels. Taco climbs up the balconies, and before he can get up on the top one where I am, I have to move a juniper twig that is in his way.

Dad is here, and talking about a gem deal – he says something about it being the only one he ever entered into for business. It has to do with a large stone (ruby?) that the investors could cut into 3 pieces and sell at a profit. I look up and see that there are strawberries skewered on a natural looking twig, which is stuck into the wall above my head. Mom is talking to Dad about getting $20 to go eat; he keeps saying, “One has it always,” meaning that he always has that much money on him in cash.

I need to go to the bathroom, but the bathroom is very low – it’s shaped almost like it should be under a stair or something. It seems like it wouldn’t be that hard if I turned around and sat down, but standing up, there’s part of a wall in the way, so that I can’t see the toilet. I wake up needing to pee.

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